SUBSonar is a tool for users of the Cakewalk software Sonar, and was written to allow users to organise the menu layouts displayed for VST synth and effect plugins wrapped with the Cakewalk VST-DX adaptor, by grouping them in submenus according to the folder they are contained in.

Several pre-release versions have been made available before now, but finally, in January 2004, a 'proper' release version has been finished. This has been rewritten since the release of Sonar3, and the 4.4 version of the VST-DX adaptor, and now allows the user total control over the submenu naming. SUBSonar now uses a configuration file which is built according to the same folder-name based scheme as the earlier versions, and this file can be hand-tweaked in a text editor.

SUBSonar can be downloaded here, and the current version is 1.5

Please read the documentation thorughly before use; unfortunately most problems that people have had with SUBSonar are actually the result of misunderstanding how to use it

Further documentation is provided.

This version still uses a command-line display, but future improvements may include a GUI, and the plan is to allow some control over various additional settings for individual plugins.

Important : If you are using SUBSonar with Sonar5, please read the warning at the start of the documentation!